Birds' lesson

Yesterday  this little fellow was kicked out of the nest, by own parents. The first reaction seeing it - what a horror!  But when this helpless creature was trying to hide from the camera, barely spreading his little wings, the parent showed up. Observing the situation from a  respectful distance.  Teaching me the biggest lesson!.. Of showing how to dig for the food instead of stuffing it into the mouth. Of understanding the importance to make the wings stronger before the flight. Of respecting your childs' attempt  to the independence...


Weekend. Tra la la

Late Saturday morning tells me to check my weekend routines' list. Option A - going to the mountain trip. Option B - laying on the beach. Option C - having a "civilised" time in the city. Option D - whatever... Wait a moment! Option A is cancelled, the car is broken. B - better stay inside, today it´s cloudy and windy. C -cancelled for the same reasons as A and B...  Whatever???  Well, if it feels like a dough, looks like bloody tomatoes, smells like an oregano, tastes like a meat and sounds like a crispy cheese, I think I can handle it.  And if  it´s made by somebody who loves you - even better :)  Tra la la! Happy weekend!


They don't give up

My back yard is full of the bushes. Bushes with personality, I would say. I start to suspect that they are some enchanted human beings, trying to brake witches' curse. They don't give up so easy, actually they never give up... They BLOOM!.. All the year round. Bathed by the storm, fried by the sun, trimmed by me - they bloom. Day and night. Constantly and persistently... I wish I would be enchanted by the same witch...


Comfortable feeling

I am taken by the modern life. I could scream as loud as I can that I hate the progress, technology and  gadgets, but as a matter of fact  I already lost this battle... You see, digitalising your life makes it much more comfortable. No need of having a "dark room" when photos are in pixels. No more climbing to the roof to turn your tv antenna to the right position after the storm. Comfortable. What I REALLY don't think when due the late single bill I am out of my comfort zone- no phone, no tv, no internet! In one  moment my centralised comfort is gone... So I'm looking at the "leftovers" from the last millennium over the city, and feel how my comfort is back.  It was nothing to loose...


Here comes the sun

People like talking about the weather. There are many types of weather conversations. Sometimes people do that because they don't  know each other and trying to break  the deadly silence. Other times they  talk about the kind of weather they wish to have. Almost always the weather is to be blamed for everything...   So when you hear somebody saying that after the rain came the sun, remember what Oscar Wilde said- "Whenever people talk to me about the weather,   I always feel quite certain that they mean something else."


Rainy day

I don't like to wake up at 5 in the morning. How can you call it "morning" when it's totally dark and the warmth of the blanket desperately trying to protect me from the sounds of heavy thunderstorm? Don't take it wrong- I love the rain and I adore the thunder. It's just too early to get up... But few hours later I lift my eyes to the sky and can't not to smile... The Mother Nature is forgiven :-)


Living here...

As days passing by, I find myself not being a tourist anymore on  Canary Islands. I find myself  lost, blessed, frustrated, happy, inspired, tired, accepted, surprised, bored, amazed ... like anywhere else! I found myself LIVING here. So this is how my day looks like Today. And maybe Tomorrow I will share with you how it was Yesterday... Welcome to my island!