Somewhere between deadly silence of the personal computer (with a hope that the hard drive is taking good care of all photos), hiccups of my health,  and some life changes, I have some good news :)

   IT'S RAINING!!! Yes, after long 2 years of waiting..!

   And some photos of my blog been published ;) I wouldn't have imagined it in my wildest dreams, but this blog shares few credits in Norwegian guide book "The best of Gran Canaria: 66 handpicked experiences". As you understood it's written in Norwegian and for the moment only available in Norway, that you can see HERE and HERE . Soon I might have it myself but somehow still feel very strange and a bit intimidated by that...  :)

   Thank You very much for the visits, comments and support! With all ups and downs, the blogging must go on! Hope soon...

with Love,