Just Daisy

If I have to choose a flower  for my mind, heart and soul, my pick is a daisy :)  It  heals everything with that soft warm smile. Seriously, what are roses against these humble ladies? Arrogant yell against purity and innocence... Sometimes life can be very hard for daisies, making them loose all petals in that "loves me, loves me not..."  game; and yet they remain in elegant silence. Just so simple and natural, they are  just Daisies...


Spring Cleaning

I am almost a decent housewife, because I started the spring-cleaning. In my head. :) Too much of stimulation, speculation, frustration and other brain- alimentation is not good for anyone. So my first "to do" - establishing priorities and simplifying life with reduced obligations. Who a hell cares about that dust anyway? And really, what is better to eat, elaborated sauce or fresh fruits and vegetables? The objective is to be free from mental clutter.  To see that only a few things are really important. And the spring? It will come and go, anyway... The dust too...



Home Green Home

At the moment my little island is greener than ever. But the sun is climbing higer and higer every day. Days are getting hotter and hotter. Which I'm not very  happy about...  But can you blame me for loving my home, that today looks like this?


Portuguese Beauty

Like a good painting, we can admire some things only from a respectful distance. Why is that beautiful creatures very often are the most unpredictable and dangerous ones? Like a good looking person, if gets too close it will eat you up...  Does the beauty gives you a  warning not to get closer? Does it harm you with an intention? Or it does hurt you only because wants to protect own vulnerability? Who knows... Some can be dangerously beautiful and beautifuly dangerous...


My Super Moon

These days, more correctly  nights, everybody was talking about the Moon being closest  to the Earth than any time in the past two decades... I wasn't paying enough attention to that. In the last few nights I was paying attention to the fiesta going around. I guess I had a bit too much  of it, because this morning I saw the Supermoon  falling down! Yes, it DID fall! Straight into my plate! Big and round. Better if I will  hide it ... Cover it with some honey or marmalade... Super!  :)



Bird Watching

Him and her...  Rustling feathers...  Impressive mating dance...  Tuneful twitter... The birds!  We are just like them when it comes to party... But what distinguishes a bird from a human?  The only difference I see  is being the early morning bird or other kind,  The Night Bird...


For Japan With Love

This Friday, March 18th, my blog will be silent in horor and respect for what has happened in 
Japan. If you're a blogger, join us!  


This Friday, March 18th, my blog will be silent in horor and respect for what has happened in 
Japan. If you're a blogger, join us!   



The good thing about living on small island is that when it comes to celebration, you feel like at never ending party. Just moving around, going from place to place, folowing the FIESTA. So tomorrow the crazyness starts in my town. Brush up your feathers, and don't be surprised if I will be lost for a few days :)  AZUCARRR!!!


The Dragon

It's past midnight. I hear something in the terrace, behind the bedroom's window. Could it be that The Dragon came back??? We had this "pet" some time ago. Seeing him for the first time was scary and exciting, but curiosity won. So fruits and vegetables been served, just to conquer the Dragon's heart... And we been payed back with some photo session :)


A New Beginning

How hopefull and joyfull is watching the new life comming out from the seeds! Very possible that this one will not survive the hot wind from Sahara or litlle nasty bugs... But isn't wonderfull even for a short while to let your hopes grow? Just for a moment to be touched by the mystery of Nature...


Price of the Water

Most of the things we take for granted. Like water. I wasn't thinking about  the price of opening the water tap before I moved to Canary islands. But when you need to pay for every single glass it changes the  mind.  Sitting in front of cacti is not exactly like sitting  on the grass. Then using thousands of liters for washing the street after the Carnival's mess sounds like a biggest crime.  Water means life...but ONLY when it comes in  an exact ammount!  If not,  it  brings death... We can't live without it, we can't live with too much of it... We take a life for granted until we have to pay the real price of the WATER... 



La Dolce Vita

"Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle."                 (Paulo Coelho) 



Write a Letter...

When this Christmas I didn't get any written letters I realised something got very different. I was not forgotten as you might think.  Printed out "anual reports" that serves as Christmas greetings for everyone, phone calls, e-mails, sms, tags on facebook... But not a single hand-written note! What happened to us that instead of smooth waving with a pen on the paper we prefear hectic tremor of fingers over the keys and buttons? Is it really a lack of the time? The fear  that somebody still could read  our REAL moods from handwriting? I am wondering...

And then I'm recieving a LETTER.  The real perfectly  unperfect handwriting. The only thing is I can't re-read it. Over and over again. To open it and to fold it back, until it will look like a holey  fishing net... But by then I would  have learned  it by memory... 




 "Orange is the happiest color."  (Frank Sinatra)      There are very strong contraversal opinions about it. Loving it or hating it. If it's a greenery killer in Autumn, perhaps not my favorite either, even some days I might love the orange melancholy... But as a dress code for Spring's flowering festival - totally accepted! Vital, energising and simply HAPPY!



One hour less

"...una hora menos en Canarias..." - the radio keeps reminding me. Oh, really? Do we have 23 hours instead of 24? - No. Do we have less working hours? - Doubt about it. Do we have to sleep less and wake up earlier? - Well, maybe... Because been up too long last night, relaxing in an own way...  It feels strange  when radio from busy rushing Madrid tells to everybody that Canaries still sleeping... But maybe they are wrong. Those in Madrid don't know anything about the morning coffee here... One hour more of  a good life...



Vice Versa

The winter means "good". It's not too hot, it rains now and then. The earth becomes fruitful. The nature dress up green. The air is clean and clear. The sky is bright blue. The life is better in the winter!  If you think my thoughts are inside out, maybe  you are upside down. The Earth is round :)





Haaa ha ha haah! Be afraid of me today!!! I am practicing the witchcraft! Why? To change the weather! To keep some clouds in the sky! To get some glorious rain ! So, stay out of my way!!! "Hot sun, hot sun, go away! Rain clouds, rain clouds here to stay!.. Hot sun, hot sun, go away! Dark clouds, dark clouds here to stay!.. Some clouds? Any clouds here to stay?.."  




La Dolce Vita

"Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good."    ( Alice May Brock )



Soul of Things

  Do you remember when you was a child and everything around you was alive? Things could talk, move, have an own personal life, the invisible to the grownups, though... We are adults now, but things still speak to us. They tell us stories, full of memories, smells, touches, dreams... The soul of things haven't changed. We changed our believes. Even so, it still exists; the secret life of things...



Imported Spring

   I still can't get used to the absence of the seasons here... It's a summer all year around : Scandinavian summer,  Mediterranean summer,  subtropical summer, ... The  infinite sunshine,  endless blue, timeless cacti... Where is that awaited spring? That bouncing heart's dance, while watching the shy stretch of the first puny leave? The smile on your face painted by the first song of  returned home bird?  I need the spring I grew up with, so I go to the place where it's possible to buy it...  The Spring , imported from Europe...