Look at Yourself

"Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long curses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering."   (St. Augustin)




Me - Cactus...

My brother had a cactus, Queen of the Night. That night when it was ready to bloom none of the  family was sleeping, because the flower  was lasting  only till morning... That's the fascinating thing about these needles  and pins, they hide the captivating bloom under the skin. So, which category you would put cactus then? Beautiful by it's bloom or ugly by it's  prickles? But don't you think that people are just the same? Judging from one glimpse is very deceptive. They can show you most wonderful bloom, if you respectfully treat them.  Thats the nature of the cactus. Mine too...


Nature Talks

"There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
 There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
 There is a society where none intrudes,
 By the deep Sea, and music in its roar:
 I love not Man the less, but Nature more."

                      (Lord Byron)  


Getting Green

My little fellows in the Secret Garden are having fun. Jumping everywhere without looking, climbing up and down, splashing the colors around and just tossing themselves... Seems like they are  having a good time... Oh, soon I will have my fun part, digging  my teeth into their crunchy fresh green flesh!.. 

 I wonder, should  I buy a farm one day?  Will I have a big headache instead of  a little fun then?



When the Supreme Power  paints the sky with a beautiful HALO, it 's like a message from beyond. Get out of the stagnancy, make a massive change, just transcend yourself! All the way till no limits...


Fertile Monday

New ideas  and accomplished goals. "To do" lists and finished tasks... Have a productive week!



Vanity Paradise

The golden dreams of a better life are very well sold here. This island is full of nothing, except of nature, yet is very ambitious offering the luxury. And the future looks good in this place, simply because the past is almost non-existing... So, let me enjoy my walk through the palms next to the sea, as I live here...  As Antonio Porchia said: "Without this ridiculous vanity that takes the form of self-display, and is part of everything and everyone, we would see nothing, and nothing would exist."




Colors in My Garden 2

"You must be very patient", replied the fox. "First you will sit down at a little distance from me - like that - in the grass. I shall look at you out of the corner of my eye, and you will say nothing. Words are the source of misunderstandings. But you will sit a little closer to me, every day..."
(Antoine de Saint Exupery. "The Little Prince") 

If taming works on foxes and people, maybe it works on anybody then? Only I am not sure, who is trying to tame whom...


Colors in My Garden

Living in the house with a garden, even the small one, is not the same like living in an apartament on the second (or fifth, or fifteenth :)) floor. First, you feel like you have your feet on the ground. Second, you must accept a huge ammount of visitors ;) All kinds,  types and  colors.  Only if you accept them, the Nature embraces you with a joy and good energy. Still you have to accept the fact, that  two feet might be not  fast enough when you run after four, begging to say "cheese!" :))



Last night was The Night :)  Full!  Of the beauty. Full of mystery. Full of magic. Full of meaning...  Of dreams... Hope... Inspiration... Admiration... Calmness... Happiness... So MOONFULL!..



Opened Sky

For many things we are not ready. Until we are ready to turn off the thinking part. The brain very often stops human from being happy. So many times the doors open up offering the light and peace, but the doubts and fears doesn't let to make that step. Because experiences in the past and uncertainty about the future tells the different. Because people prefear thinking instead of feeling, they are proud HOMO SAPIENS... But only  "now and here" feeling is a really happy moment. Not in the past, not in the future... Did ever sky opened the door with a hope and you wasn't ready?


Home in the Heart

We all come from one place - HOME. But we grow up and leave it. And at times we want to come back. Especially when want to feel safe, relaxed and happy. But the truth is, when you create another home away from the native, might be difficult to embrace only one. Simply because wherever place you choose, you miss the one you left... So, what to do? Enjoy each place from all your heart while you are there. The Home is where your heart is.



The  yellow crispy haze hovers not only in the air. It's dump stickiness heavily penetrates  my mind, my body and my soul... I HATE IT!!!


Violet (bluish purple)

Blooming madness invades my dreams. Even when I am awake feels like a dream. Colors, petals, smells, forms secretly wrapping me into the cocoon of imagination. It's hard to resist it, because it occupies all space, from the ground all the way to the sky... So what I can do is to lay down my mind on the bluish purple cloud between other clouds and to follow it's magic mystery...  "Purple rain, purple rain, I only want to see you, only want to see you in the purple rain..."  (Prince)


9th of May

This day resounds in a triple echo in my memories -  the Victory Day, my Father's birthday and the day my Sister was born... Unfortunately, that's only what is left. The memories. The death of the Soviet Union killed the necessity to celebrate 9th of May. My Father is resting in peace many years already. And my Sister, she's so far away! Luckily I still have her...  But can you imagine how it was for my Father, having his first child on his own birthday, celebrating the Victory Day? So let it be, the triple celebration  in a honor of the Life's Victory! Happy Birthday, Drakoša!

That's her, my diligent modest Sister www.drakonolizdas.blogspot.com


Housewife's Dilema

I love them, the artichokes. So perfect and versatile things. The problem is, I am not so sure how to use them in the best way. Should I make some "flower" decoration, or just eat it up??? 


Deja vu

There are dreams that visit  over and over again. There are experiences lived over and over. And there are places... Just breath taking.  So behind real and unreal...  Simply because I am standing there for a first time and can't get rid of the feeling "already seen". But where? In my past? In my dreams? Marvelous  Deja vu...


Green Power

The spring is ready to spring in the spring :)  


Happy Nothing

Usually the weekend is just like a normal multitasking day. Before that the brain starts planing to clean, to repair, to renovate, to start a new project, to go, to see, to shop, to eat, to do... And here I am, after two days of doing... NOTHING! Absolutely nothing. Big nothing. Happy nothing! That's right, it's HAPPY feeling. Just looking to the sky until get bored, maybe move to cafe next door to grab something, jump into the pool couple times, turn some pages of easy reading... No plan, no time, just an easy floating... Sounds lazy? But have you ever tasted that? The happy nothing?