Hidden Truth

Not very long time ago I red THIS. I can't tell you if I totally agree or dissagree with an article, as I am not a photographer but a simple blogger. That's why technically wrong photos seem emotionally right to me. And vice versa :) Reflecting glimpses of my personal  experiences visually became a nice routine,   substituting the need of writing a paper diary. Even so I managed to  make some  Friends I've never seen. :) The problem is I am not sure anymore  where this  internet experience leads me to. Pleasing the masses and being "nice" to everybody never was my thing, and let's face it, is impossible. ( If you still don't get it I am talking about commenting on  blog  "great shot", "beautiful", "nice", etc. with a hope that some will tell you the same thing back).  So I really start thinking about turning off the comments, leaving as an option the "reactions". Woud it make any difference to you?  Did you ever feel "overpraised"? Let me know what you think ;)


ladydazy said...

Sorry I haven't been on here in awhile. Thanks for sharing the beauty and interesting things in your world. My answer to your question is do what makes you happy.

a-l-t-i said...

Мне нравятся ваши снимки и сопровождающий текст, но не всегда нахожу слова помимо расхожих красиво и восхитительно, к сожалению.
Вам решать, как поступить с комментариями. Единственное,что комментарии дают возможность общаться с теми, кто стал близок и сердцу мил:)

Claudia said...

I know one thing for sure...this internet world takes too much time away from us sadly :(

Whenever you post a picture and a quote sharing your world I read it over and over...it makes me think and analyze it and perhaps learn from it.

It makes no difference, if you turn off the comments, whoever wants to follow you will still do! As ladydazy said do what makes you happy!

By the way I might be getting better at the green thumb thing! Perhaps I never gave it much of a try before :)

salma said...

labas Siga, kartais norisi tiesiog pasilabinti ir pasidziaugti grazia akimirka.. grazaus artejancio savaitgalio :)

siga said...

Leandra, I know that you know that we know where to find each other out of blogger ;) Thank you for being.

a-l-t-i, you are right. Finding a simmilar soul or heart makes a difference, that's why I doubt. But I don't understand the waste of time looking for "acceptance" and running after popularity (or amount of comments) for personal and not comercial reasons. Like some urban photographer writing about your crochet things :))

Claudia, I might do it! But that doesn't mean I won't write on your blog! ;)

siga said...

salma, tikrai taip. Ir ypac tuo ko ilgiesi!

Kaya said...

Dear Siga, I thought about it for a few months.

When you see just a photograph you try to read a story a photographer wanted to tell you and then you try to express yourself in your words. But most of the time we get the comments which are empty, they don't say anything. Do we need them? Some people perhaps need for their own ego.

Siga, to have a lot of comments it is not yet sign of popularity. I think you know it also.

Sometimes we are chancing this false popularity and later we feel empty in our soul.

I am recently realized that I betrayed myself so many times, just lost myself somewhere in the worlds of blogs.

Sincerely, yours Kaya.

Pete said...

I think the simple comment of "Good post" or "Nice photo" is our way of saying "Hello I have been on your blog and enjoyed your post". Not everyone want crit on their photo so I am very reluctant to give that. The reason I think we do blog is to share what we enjoy doing. Taste differ and what is pleasing to one person might not be to another. What I get out of browsing other peoples blogs is that it expands my views and makes me move outside of my comfort zone when I capture my next image.

not sure if this answers your question though :-)

enjoy your weekend

siga said...

Kaya, that's what scares me. I've seen people comenting 24x7 everywhere... Don't they have any life left??? Let's hope that we wont get there ;)

Pete, man of a few words :) I am very gratefull for your answer and all your comments in the past. You know I like your blog, and I totally agree about enjoying the blogging world. I don't have anything against short "hello" messages and I leave them around myself ;) Agree, sometimes you can like something that only word you capable to say is "wow". But obvious asking for feedback "I like you, you should like me back" is killing me, despite the attempts to ignore it.

That's the price of virtual world... Guess have to live with it. At last I am a desert cactus!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Interesting article! My rule of thumb is if I do not have something nice to say, I do not say anything at all. :) Offering criticism via the internet is difficult to do. I always really enjoy your photos and the words you pair with them. Ultimately you need to do what feels right for you.