Happy Nothing

Usually the weekend is just like a normal multitasking day. Before that the brain starts planing to clean, to repair, to renovate, to start a new project, to go, to see, to shop, to eat, to do... And here I am, after two days of doing... NOTHING! Absolutely nothing. Big nothing. Happy nothing! That's right, it's HAPPY feeling. Just looking to the sky until get bored, maybe move to cafe next door to grab something, jump into the pool couple times, turn some pages of easy reading... No plan, no time, just an easy floating... Sounds lazy? But have you ever tasted that? The happy nothing?


ladydazy said...

Doing nothing sounds fantabulous to me!!!

Claudia said...

It's hard for me to just 'do nothing' with a family of five...but I won't lie to you I have experienced it and do enjoy it!

siga said...

Nice :)) It's possible, if you make no plans. Just follow the kids, call pizza-man instead of making sunday family meal, don't think of laundry or the house... Monday will meet you with a happy smile then ! :)