The Cages

"Our modern society is engaged in polishing and decorating the cage in which man is kept  imprisoned."   (Swami Nirmalananda) 


Claudia said...

Ay caramba way too many cages!! I see two little birdies way at the bottom!

siga said...

Ha ha ha! I didn't noticed them before! So, think twice before you will come, might be locked in a such cage ;)

Kaya said...

Siga, that is true, so true. I look at your image and think that we are so used to be in our cages and there are so many of them. We think in a very habitual way, we say sometimes words and they don't mean anything and we even don't think about our cages.

Do you know I didn't think about them either until I look at your photo work and read your words. Right now I wonder what can we do about it? If ever...?

Great photo work, and very thoughtful message. They both made me think.

I send you many warm hugs and my warm wishes, Siga.

siga said...

Kaya, I wonder to... especially these days, when all glittering and shopping and consuming is confused with the real spirit... People are running away from the families in own countries, because it's cheaper to sit for 2 weeks in a cage here than to have a family evening... Sad.
And how many are working all life just to have such imprisoning place???

Giga said...

Sami dobrowolnie do tych klatek weszliśmy :-(. Wesołych Świąt i pozdrawiam ciepło