Stand like a Rock

"Stability is not immobility."  (Klemens Von Metternich)


Giga said...

Niesamowita dziurawa góra i ładne zdjęcie. Pozdrawiam

CameraCruise said...

Have a great weekend.

soleil said...

I like your pictures and aphorisms too!
Olga ☼

Anonymous said...

Tus fotografías y tu manera de ver la vida mueven montañas...gracias...
Me fascina!

Your photos and your way of seeing life ... thank you ... move mountains
I love!

siga said...

Thank You, my friends! I really enjoy this @ world togethger ;9

Kaya said...

Stability is not immobility.... That is so true!!!!

That is a very beautiful image!!!!!

I love this blue rich sky and against this sky is a huge rock. Siga, there is beauty in this rock. It's old and it can tell us a lot of stories.

Great photograph and beautiful!