Lost and Found

                              The more I see them, more comfortable I feel about them :) My
                               housemates feel comfortable around too.

                               Maybe a bit too much, because one month later he lost... the tail! 
                               But, no worries! Whatever is lost, you will get it back. :)

                              And then you only laugh about the happened!
                              If he can laugh, why do we think it's the end of the world when
                              we lose a little thing?

P.S. This smile been promissed to Claudia! :))


Claudia said...

AWWWW! Thanks a buch you did promise me the smile! I love it! and so amazing that the tail grows back! Sending you hugs dear siga! Now I have a wider smile :)))

Claudia said...

...and to think that most of us go crazy when we loose our keys! what is that compared to losing a part of your body. Thanks for the lesson! This is why I like you and keep visiting :)

ladydazy said...

:) Luv this post. Lizards are adorable....I wanted an Iguana when I was a teen til I found out they can get mites and need a lot of care.

siga said...

:) He's my favorite between all my habitants :) Guess it's not much fun to lose your body! But, on other hand, the lost keys won't grow back...