To All and Each of You

This is my little dedication to the people, who help me to come back and bloom again. It's not like I've been lost, I just have forgotten something very important inside of me - the need to live a creative life. So I feel very gratefull, being reminded how important is to express yourself. Thank you! The ones, who's blogs inspiering me. The ones, who look here for inspiration. The housewives. The professionals giving advises. The photographers. The book readers. Blogs about travelling. Sharing the joy of having children. Crafts. Art studies. Lovely pets. Birdwatching. Reflecting. Laughing and crying...  You all amase me! By reminding me, how amasing place we live in and what an amasing people we are! I hope, you will never stop doing that. :)  Thank you, EVERYONE!

My special love I send to Inga . The person, I never met in a "real" life, but we've been in  toutch for almost ten years :)  Her strong emotions and passion for a life once hit me so hard, so I had to wake up and get out to the world. Thank you for the beauty and love you spread around!

And at last, but not at least, I am thankful to my Man :)  (I love you!)  His encouragment, wisdom and love is the reason I am here. He's always here for me. He's the one now and then generously sharing his camera with me. (By the way, this picture is from my pocket Sony ;))  Thank you!


Claudia said...

This is a very nice post! all I gotta say is thank you back! xoxo

siga said...

Thank you for being there for me! And that little note with etsy things you mailed, moved me to tears... xoxoxo

Claudia said...


Elena said...

Un precioso color amarillo!

ladydazy said...

I'm so grateful for meeting you!! Thank you for everything!!!